Our Mantra:

Triad is more than a name.

We shine the spotlight on our clients – never at ourselves.

We set clear expectations. And go beyond them.

We are contagiously positive.

Even negative situations provide an opportunity to create a positive solution.

We are informed and we share information.

No surprises. No secrets.

We are prepared with solutions for things that go wrong and ways to maximize opportunities that go right.

We anticipate, anticipate, anticipate.

We work hard.

We break new ground. We challenge ourselves.

We never grow complacent.

We Are Different

Our business and network grew organically from traditional media buys. Our team has founded and has held senior level positions with some of the Internet’s pioneering advertisers. In the late 90’s, our media buys were the first performance based ad campaigns in the industry. We were able to negotiate revenue sharing and CPA deals with the web’s top properties, which includes the likes of AOL, MSN, Yahoo, ZDNet, etc. – something that had never been done before.


Our team of engineers developed one of the first ad tracking software platforms. It was conversion centric (like us) not simply tracking ad views and clicks. We have been focused on conversions and ROI for a long time, a combined 35+ years. We have managed multi-million dollar monthly budgets that generated many multiples in transactions and sales.

Industry Pioneers

Since the early 2000’s we have worked with and represented many of the web’s leading advertisers. Our team played a major role in the early success of Netflix, Experian, Drugstore.com, Verizon Wireless, StarzBehindBarz, Consumer Info, X10 Wireless Technology and Stamps.com.

We were some of the first to:

  • Utilize pop-up ads in mainstream advertising
  • Harness the power of email marketing
  • Develop a desktop software ad network
  • Succeed in the mobile advertising space
  • Bring performance based marketing to major web properties
  • Create a conversion based ad-serving software platform

What does this mean for you?

We have a deep understanding of technology and the online advertising & affiliate marketing space. We are not another network built from ex-employees of another network. We are a group of industry pioneers with long standing, trusted relationships. We are a down to earth, result-oriented team that believes business relationships can be a win-win for all parties involved. We really do believe this. We still get excited about new technology and new partnerships.

We will analyze your business to formulate strategies that will drive your revenues. Whether it is customer acquisition, lead generation or direct sales, Triad Media will meet – and beat – your goals.

Have a new idea, opportunity or product? Let’s talk! Contact us so we can help your business grow.