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Triad Media Inc. is a full-service online marketing and advertising company. We develop and implement targeted Internet marketing campaigns designed to get you the best results for your money. Triad Media's experience comes from working with some of the largest and most successful companies on the web.

Triad Media depends on the deep experience and innovation of its staff to build, maintain and increase sales, customer acquisitions and brand awareness on the Web for a wide range of clients. Triad recognizes that successful Internet marketing not only requires solid technology, but also innovative thinking and tested business relationships. With a virtual network of thousands of partners and sites, Triad Media has its finger on the pulse of online marketing and formulates the most progressive marketing strategies available today.

Under the auspices of its highly experienced management team, Triad has extended its reach beyond that of many firms foraying into the digital space. The Triad team taps into its broad experience as Internet marketing pioneers (including the team members’ groundbreaking work with StarzBehindBarz, NextCard Visa and X10 Wireless Technologies, etc.) as a springboard to propel its entire client base into the international marketplace.

In addition, members of the Triad management team served as the top acquisitions partner for Netflix and, developed online ad programs for Blue Frog Mobile, built and managed campaigns for and built Experian’s Credit Expert ad campaign and transitioned them into the CPA space.

With headquarters in Las Vegas and offices in Seattle, Triad Media combines aggressive business strategies; direct marketing tactics and extensive online advertising experience to maximize Internet marketing opportunities for an optimal return on investment.

We will evaluate and analyze your business goals to formulate strategies that will connect you with your customers and drive revenues. Whether it is customer acquisition and retention strategies, direct marketing/sales, offline/online integration or ROI analysis, Triad Media knows what tools are appropriate to meet - and beat - your goals.

Contact us now to hear how we can help your business grow.